Advanced settings for KIS 2018 and KTS 2018 for geeks

The default settings for Kaspersky Lab’s anti-virus products are 99% of users (my private opinion :)). The rest, the so-called “geeks”, need something more serious, which can be tuned up and polished to their preferences.

Below is a short algorithm by which you can achieve 100% manageability of all the installed and new software on the computer, which will get rid of both known and new malware (including crypto-coders!), As well as advaire programs.
The instruction concerns KIS and KTS, tk. in KAV there is no control of programs and the network screen.

After installing the anti-virus product, it takes some time to work at the computer in the normal mode, launching all the programs required for daily work, so that rules for monitoring programs and on the network screen are created for them.

Advanced configuration of monitoring the system and the new software includes the following five steps. Perform them in any order.

1) Include in the product the detection of potentially unwanted software (the parameters of threats and exceptions – to detect other programs), start the update of the databases and after it is finished, restart the computer; run a full scan for viruses.

2) Include all program components that are disabled by default (anti-banner, for example).

3) If you want all new programs to be automatically placed in restricted groups and a balun appears (as in the screenshot), disable automatic group selection in program control

During the installation or auto-update of the legal software it can be manually added to the trusted (using the balun). Everything else will be blocked.

4) Also do not forget to disable automatic decision making.

5) If you want to Firewall training – configure this:
5a) Configure network rights for the Trusted group – request an action.
Weak restrictions can be put “Deny”.
5b) In the “Trusted” group, point the network to the subgroups of Microsoft, Opera, Kaspersky Lab, etc.
5c) Everything new that gets into the “Trusted” – will cause the balun with the question to allow / prohibit / create the rule.

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