Can bigger security budgets save businesses from costly cloud breaches?

About this webinar

Nearly 1.5 million dollars. That’s how much an average data breach in the cloud costs enterprises, according to the Global IT Security Risks Survey 2018.

Second only to targeted attacks, breaches affecting IaaS are among the most costly faced by businesses today. But what can be done about this? Apparently, investing more in protection is only part of the solution, as businesses are already allocating a greater share of their IT budgets to security…

During the webinar, Maxim Frolov, VP Global Sales, Kaspersky Lab, will present key findings from the company’s latest report On the Money: Growing IT Security Budgets to Protect Digital Transformation Initiatives. Maxim, along with special guest Jim Reavis, Co-founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance, will discuss the potential damage and the main risks associated with cloud breaches, as well as what businesses can do to protect themselves.

Webinar attendees will get the latest insights on the dynamics of corporate security incidents and IT security budgets. They will learn what financial, organizational and technological decisions should be made to protect businesses from the threat of cloud infrastructure breaches.

Recorded Jun 27 2018 | 47 mins | Presented by Maxim Frolov, Vice President of Global Sales, Kaspersky Lab and Jim Reavis, Co-founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance

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