Download Kaspersky Lab’s eBook Rethinking Security: Fighting Known, Unknown and Advanced Threats

Cyberattacks can be the downfall of an organization’s reputation. News headlines are filled with stories of major corporate data breaches across all industries. Hopefully, your organization has been spared this type of unwanted media attention.

To effectively navigate the increasingly sophisticated and complex threat landscape and keep your organization out of these kinds of news stories, you need a multi-layered, comprehensive IT security approach for detection, protection, and remediation of today’s cyberattacks.

Download Kaspersky Lab’s eBook Rethinking Security: Fighting Known, Unknown and Advanced Threats, to learn more about:

  • The evolution of cyberthreats that put your business at risk
  • How malware is often used as a door opener to launch more sophisticated, targeted attacks
  • The necessary features of a multi-layered security solution to defend your IT infrastructure today

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