How can I fix an ”invalid key file error” appearing in my Kaspersky anti-virus?

If Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 is installed on your PC and during activation the error “Invalid key” is displayed , then in order to resolve the problem, perform the following:

Remove the currently installed license

  • Open Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018.
    At the bottom of the window click Licensing.
    In the Licensing window click the button X to the license key.
  • In the Attention! window click the Accept button.
  • Activate the application with your activation code.

If the recommendations described above did not help to resolve the problem, try to activate later (in about an hour).

If the error keeps repeating, create a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Supportvia the My Kaspersky service. In the request describe your problem in all details.

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