How to reinstall Kaspersky Lab’s program cleanly

Proceed as follows:
1) Having convinced that there is an activation code to KIS | KAV | KTS , regularly delete it :
How to uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security
How to uninstall Kaspersky Anti-Virus
How to uninstall Kaspersky Total Security

2) We do not use this item without special need! Only if the normal (full-time) removal of the program does not help!
After rebooting in the normal mode, remove the possible “remnants” from the antivirus using the utility:
The Kaspersky Lab product uninstall utility (kavremover)
If none of the LC products are detected automatically, run the utility with the -nodetect switch

3) Download the current version of the antivirus and install it using your activation code.
Update the databases and restart the computer.


If the problem persists, attach a link to the GSI log in the comments.
Get the report of the utility GetSystemInfo

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