What to do if it seems to you that Kaspersky Anti-Virus is “slowing down”?

There are situations when using Kaspersky Anti-Virus in a system after its virus infection or after a previously installed other antivirus, “freezes” and “lags” are felt.
What to do in this case?

0) Remove the software that is incompatible with Kaspersky Anti-Virus from the system

1) Check that the latest version of the antivirus is being used.

2) If the version is not current – update it. If you delete the old version, leave the license information!

3) Configure antivirus for better performance.

Open the KAV, KIS or KTS settings window.
In the Settings window, go to the Performance section and perform the following actions:

Check the Do not run scheduled scan tasks when running on battery box.
Check the box Use game profile. The game profile mode optimizes the settings of all parameters while the game programs are running in full-screen mode (for example, notifications windows that distract from the game will not pop up).

Check the following boxes:
Yield resources of the operating system when the computer starts.
Concede resources to other programs. With a high load on the CPU and disk subsystems, verification will be delayed.
Perform a scan when the computer is idle.
Uncheck the box Scan for programs designed to hide traces of a malicious program in the system (rootkits).

4) Turn on detection of potentially unwanted software (settings – addition – parameters of threats and exclusions – detect other programs).

5) Run the database update and reboot the computer upon its completion.

6) Run a full virus scan.

7) After it finishes, restart the computer and check the problem.

8) If the problem persists, attach a link to the GetSystemInfo utility report in the comments to this entry.

In the shortest time I will help you.

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